Create the future with new partners: Skyworth becomes Juventus global partner

(June 8, 2021, Beijing) On June 8, the Skyworth TV×Juventus brand cooperation conference was held in Beijing, and Skyworth TV was officially announced as Juventus Official Partner (Juventus Official Partner) worldwide , And Juventus Official TV Partner (Juventus Official TV Partner). Skyworth TV is the first official partner of Juventus in the field of TV and smart home in China. This cooperation is also the first time that Skyworth has carried out such a deep cross-border cooperation with a European football giant: the two parties will not only coordinate its multi-end resources, but also cooperate with global football. In-depth communication with the community; will also explore joint product development, brand scenario applications and brand experience upgrades and other win-win possibilities in multiple fields.

The theme of this conference is "Create the Future with New Partners". Federico Palomba, Managing Director of Juventus Football Club Asia-Pacific Region, expressed his optimism about this cooperation in his speech: "We are very happy to have reached a cooperation with Skyworth. I believe that Skyworth's leading products and services will bring more to our fans. The ultimate and more fashionable brand experience".

Tang Xiaoliang, Chief Brand Officer of Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd. said: “On the journey of Skyworth’s brand upgrade, it is necessary to move forward side by side with excellent partners. Juventus Football Club cooperates with Skyworth TV in many aspects such as brand spirit and brand tonality. Highly compatible, it is an extremely important partner for Skyworth's brand to face the global market and deeply promote the evolution of the brand's "high-end" and "international"."

Legendary Juventus star David Trezeguet, and Juventus first team stars Federico Chiesa, Leonardo Bonucci, Dejan Kulusevsky and Mattei S. Derigert and others also conveyed their sincere blessings to the "new partners" in the form of videos.

A century-old football giant brand resonates deeply, Skyworth cuts into the key track of global influence

Juventus, with a glorious history of 123 years, is a veritable top football giant: the first club in football history to win all international trophies, the first club to achieve the "Grand Slam" of the three major European Cups; won 38 Serie A times Champion, 2 Champions League champions, 3 UEFA Cup champions; is one of the top ten football clubs in the world, with more than 440 million fans worldwide. The club has assembled a group of top international stars such as Ronaldo, Morata, Dybala and the "Zebra Corps", with strong stadium strength and international influence that dominate the world football.

Skyworth X Juventus

"We have chosen to lead the way. This is how we stay ahead." Innovation, breakthrough, and fear of change are the success codes engraved in the Juventus genes. Skyworth, which was born in the wave of reform and opening up and has been among the world's TOP5 TV brands in just over 30 years, also has a very similar proposition and vision: dare to create dare to create the future. For more than 30 years, Skyworth TV has made unremitting research and breakthroughs in the field of large-screen technology, creating the world's first 3G-USB LCD TV, the first high-definition TV, and the first mass-produced OLED transformable TV, the first in China. Three 3D LED TVs, the first Internet TV, the first 8K OLED TV...we dare not do anything, constantly breaking through the technical ceiling of the industry, and finally achieving the status of “leader” in the industry with the attitude of “innovator”.

Skyworth X Juventus

Although they are in different fields, they have very similar spiritual propositions. Skyworth TV and Juventus reached this cross-border cooperation based on the strong resonance of the brand spirit of both parties. The scope of cooperation covers all ecological product categories such as TVs, display screens, and Swaiot of Skyworth TV. Next, the two parties will coordinate their IP, products, social media, offline channels and other multiple strategic resources to communicate with a wider range of consumers and football communities around the world, establish new emotional connections, and further expand the global influence of both brands . At the same time, Skyworth will also jointly develop joint products with Juventus, explore more possibilities for joint scenarios, and empower the demand for sports scenes with world-leading large-screen technology, bringing more innovative and high-quality products to consumers and fans around the world. Experience.

High-end, technological and younger: Skyworth broadens the boundaries of cross-industry sports marketing potential

Juventus not only represents a top football club, but also a vibrant "meaningful" lifestyle. Reaching young groups, with a unique black and white minimalist team logo, showing the unruly Italian elegance. Juventus continues to invest in music, fashion, art and other fields, holding the concept design exhibition "U-JOINTS", creating the popular street fashion brand "Icon", and completing the commercial complex "J Village"... the Juventus brand The connotation continues to expand, detached from football itself, and has become the trend label of the times across sports and lifestyle.

"Our vision is to create a complete brand experience for fans", legendary Juventus star David Trezeguet said in the welcome video: "The cooperation with Skyworth is a key step for Juventus to achieve this goal. ."

As a leading international technology brand, Skyworth TV embraces the brand proposition of "creating the future", and since 2019, it has continuously promoted the evolution of the brand to "high-end", "technological" and "younger": rooted in technology research and development, making "meaningful" "Innovation"; explore future applications and implement 5G+8K one-stop customized solutions; adapt to the needs of young users, develop a new product line Ablaze...Continue to expand the large-screen application scenarios, and effectively improve the happiness and convenience of users’ lives.

Skyworth X Juventus

From this perspective, the collaboration between Skyworth TV and Juventus is not only a cross-border cooperation between a technology brand and a sports brand, but also a new attempt by two "future lifestyle leaders". Skyworth and Juventus will use the sports scene as an incision to fully reach global users, especially the life circle of high-end people and young trendy communities, and jointly explore more possibilities for brand high-end, technological, and youthful upgrades.

With the opening of the cooperation between Skyworth TV and Juventus, the global football community will gradually feel the vitality and enthusiasm that this cooperation has injected into football itself. The strong cooperation between Skyworth and Juventus is not only a new breakthrough in the cross-border cooperation between technology and sports brands, but also will activate global users with the spirit of "dare to create and dare to do", renew large-screen game viewing and life entertainment experience The key step.